Crossroads Adult Day Care Center Established 2001


To promote and deliver direct and supportive services for adults, and to provide respite for families. The focus of these services will be to maintain the independence, integrity, and confidence of our participants.

            To maintain any designated spiritual, religious or cultural needs.

. All program activities are sensitive to the changing needs of the participants. Implementation of activities is based on a commitment to the enrichment of life for participants and their families or responsible person.

A well balanced catered meal from Golden Corral is served at noon each day.
The meals provide at least 1/3 of adult's daily requirement as specified by our NC registered dietitian.

Nutritious mid-morning and mid- afernoon snacks are served daily. Fresh fruits are also served when in season.

Hours & Days of Operation:
Monday - Friday
 8am - 3pm
( extended hrs. may be available if requested )

Welcome !  

We provide stimulation for the
 mind, body, and spirit,while enabling a sense of usefulness,pleasure,& success,and as normal a level of functioning as possible

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